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Fansadox Collection 479 - Erenisch - For Rent!


Erenisch comics prove that complex story telling can be sexy as hell!!! Prepare for a future full of amazing possibilities…
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Fansadox Collection 471 - Ferres - The Proto - Part 2


Ferres is a master of the craft and paints a lavish and richly detailed world full of drama and intrigue and, of course, hot, hot action! The fate of the zola crew will shock even the most hardened heart, and you won’t believe what these girls will suffer at the hands of their sinister captors! Epic events are set in motion in this exciting chapter of "The Proto” saga!

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Hustler USA - June 2018


Showing and telling it like it is,every issue of Hustler delivers the world s sexiest women,explicit pictorials,nude celebrity pix,gut-busting satire,nasty comics,shocking exposes,Real College Girls and Beaver Hunt amateur photo contests,and Larry Flynt s outrageous Publisher s Statements. Plus gadget,game and XXX video reviews.
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Fansadox Collection 330 - Yuting - Ambush In Shanghai


Superbly and vividly illustrated by the talented new artist Yuting, this tale of political intrigue and lust, entices the reader into a tale of heart-pounding fantasy BDSM. Captivated in this dark taboo world, the reader witnesses at first hand the intricate details of detention, bondage, humiliation and abuse of two beautiful girls.
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[Amour Angels] - 2017-04-03 - Nelly - Sweet Curly


Nelly is a wonderful 19 year old teen who has her home in the Russia, where she has tons of fun with showing off that fine brown hair and gorgeous grey eyes. Those fine A size tits are so firm and wonderful, yet they seem hot and refreshing each time she shows them off to you or anyone who is watching her getting naughty like she always does.
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Fansadox Collection 267 - Slasher - The Stepfather


Going beyond anything you’ve seen before, Slasher has created another stunning comic which will leave you breathless! This is a shocking story, fully illustrated and complete. Nothing has been left out!
admin - 18-05-2018, 23:14

Fansadox Collection 32 - Fernando - Slave Collector


A thriller with extraordinary illustrations by Fernando.

Barely Legal - June 2018


World famous Barely Legal magazine, brought to you by Hustler, has the prettiest 18+ girls with fresh faces and firm titties. These ladies are ready for action.
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Hustler's Taboo - May / June 2018


Hustler's Taboo Magazine is for the extreme fetish, sadist, masochist, S&M, BDSM and kinky reader. Do you have what it takes to be Taboo? Unleash your inner desires and discover the hard-core fetish scene...
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Fansadox Collection 478 - Celestin - Dumpster Diver


This once in a lifetime comic thriller by the talented Celestin will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat and hoping for more, but this is the one and only! Take care when you descend into the depths of darkness and depravity in this horrific issue fresh from the fevered imagination of the human psyche!
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Fansadox Collection 472 - Benedikt - Domesticated! A Golden Canary


Benedikt is a new and exciting artist to the DOFantasy roster, having broken ground at our sister site BDSMartwork.com! This stylistic gem is an amazing, candy coated marvel to behold! But even more than that, it’s just hot, hot, hot! Gorgeous Alicia will soon put her pretty mouth to better use… whether she wants to or not!
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Fansadox Collection 469 - Dejan - My Son's Debt


Dejan returns with another shocking horror show of twisted and perverted proportions! This marvelous masterpiece of male machismo and female frustration will leave you on the edge of your seat, begging for more! Beautiful Elena will be defiled and destroyed in this orgasmic extravaganza of epic proportions! And stay tuned for the shocking ending that you wonтt see coming!

Fansadox Collection 475 - Kitty Hand - Classmates 2: Rude Awakening


Kitty Hand Studios brings it back with this exciting and amazing "CLASSMATES” sequel! The story takes a turn for the worse as Leonard is dragged down to hell and drags those he loves and cherishes even deeper into the mud! Leonard will watch these beautiful, humiliated girls fuck, and buck, and suck against their will! Powerful forces and powerful men rule the roost in this dramatic continuation of the Classmates Series!

Fansadox Collection 464 - Kitty Hand - Classmates 1: Wet Dream


Kitty Hand returns with another amazing adventure of a good life gone wrong! This golden ticket turns sour super quick as Leonard learns what the real world is like! Shock and horror follow in the lottery’s wake as Leonard’s dream girls are caught and captured by the criminal convicts in this seedy side of town! Things get bad, real bad, and we haven’t even hit rock bottom yet! But we might soon… real soon!