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    [Morey Studio] - 2013-06-10 - Mellie (Prague) - Set P1


    Here is our introduction to Mellie, our newest model on the site. For some reason, she looks like she was born to wear yellow and blue - just fantastic. This set was done in a Prague apartment in early Spring, with some beautiful soft window light. We'll have more from this session coming up shortly.
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    [Morey Studio] - 2012-12-14 - Trinity - Listening


    Today's guest gallery features a new model from Michelle7 by JC Gilbert, who specializes in moody natural light sessions with amateur subjects. This is an introductory look at Trinity - we'll see more of her in the coming weeks.
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    [Morey Studio] - 2016-11-15 - Bente (Prague) - Set P2A


    This series of Benté was done on one of my first trips to the Czech Republic. She was one of the beginners - young and not quite sure of herself, but very happy to be there. She has an impish little smile that says she's having just as much fun as you'll have looking at her...